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Hastings Chocolate

Hand made by Elizabeth Webb

Couture Chocolatier

Free Delivery in and around the Hastings area

Couture Selection

Hastings Chocolate Couture Selection of chocolates.

An exclusive selection of 12 luxurious, hand made couture chocolates.

Or choose a unique combination of 12 of your favourite centres.

Only £10.00 (+p&p)

Chocolate Lollipops

Chocolate lollipop in shape of Christmas tree.

We make beautifully hand crafted chocolate lollipops.

Inexpensive treats that children, and adults, will love.

From only £0.99 each.

Parties and Events

Hastings Chocolate Selection of chocolates.

We supply luxurious hand made chocolates for dinner parties.

We also provide chocolate lollipops for children's parties.

Prices to suit all budgets.

Chocolate Treats

Hastings Chocolate hand made fudge.

Treat yourself to a bag of our handmade, chocolate-coated fudge.

Or why not try our tasty chocolate gingers or chocolate hearts.

Prices start from only £3.00 per bag.

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